Hospitality Lighting

For hotels and other establishments that take customer service very seriously, lighting plays an important role in creating a visually comforting and appealing environment. External decorative lighting is crucial to drawing attention, while indoor lighting must be finely tuned to create a safe, pleasant, and luxurious atmosphere.

OPTILED's LED lighting solutions are well-suited for all these roles because they offer superb color accuracy and customization and do not emit IR or UV light, which eliminates harshness, increases guest comfort, and is healthier as well.
Extraordinary energy efficiency, long life spans and heat-free operation severely cut down on hotel maintenance and energy costs.
Brings hotels into a new era of sustainability, creating greener and human friendly environments by eliminating the presence of mercury from all lighting applications.

Hotel lobbies and guest rooms, bars, restaurants and corridors are all perfect areas for LED OPTILED's lighting solutions.