Industrial Lighting

A comfortable work environment is critical to optimizing worker productivity, improving both the quality and quantity of output. Lighting plays an important role in creating such an environment, as good light makes the workplace safer and less tiring, meaning fewer accidents, lower fault and reject levels and better overall productivity. A well-lit workplace also means happier employees who appreciate the space in which they work.

What defines high quality lighting? It means having enough light to see one's work area clearly; it means no glare; it means the best uniformity of color, and illuminating with the right color; and nowadays it also means lighting that is efficient, long-lasting and good for the environment, which is what makes OPTILED LED lighting an ideal choice :

High quality, no IR and UV rays, low heat and glare-free light creates greater comfort and allows workers to see what they're doing more clearly and with less eye strain. It's also healthier for humans.
Without toxic substances such as mercury, there is no risk to people or the environment.
Long life spans and lower energy requirements help industrial facilities cut down on electricity costs, further improving the bottom line.

Warehouses, general factories, electronics assembly plants and most general industry buildings can benefit greatly by upgrading to OPTILED LEDs.