Office Lighting

Lighting is a key factor in the office environment, where it contributes to each employee's ability to work effectively and more efficiently by promoting emotional well-being, safety and alertness. A well-planned lighting strategy will help your people work to the best of their abilities, providing the right level of comfort and ambiance so that they are less fatigued and more focused on the tasks at hand.

OPTILED LED lighting solutions are flexible enough to accomplish these goals in a range of office types, from open or closed rooms and meeting halls to lobbies and utilities. In addition to helping your bottom line, our solutions also ensure your office is environmentally safe and a healthier place to work in.

The lack of IR and UV rays means the light LEDs generate is healthier and less harsh, putting employees at ease letting them work better and healthier.
The pure white light better brings out the details of the office decor, subtly improving aesthetics that your clients will notice.
The low operating temperature and long life helps reduce air conditioning and maintenance costs, helping businesses save money.
Made with non-toxic materials, LED lighting brings your office into the green era of sustainable business, heightening your brand image.

Suitable for reception and lobby areas, conference rooms, the general workplace and corridors.