Other Lighting Applications

OPTILED LED lighting can breathe new life a range of public areas and corridors - Government facilities can quickly be modernized, presenting a fresh and more welcoming face to the public, while school classrooms become more comfortable learning environments, letting students focus better, see more clearly, and study harder. Hospitals can even take on a calmer atmosphere, letting patients and doctors feel more at ease.

High efficiency and long life spans cut down on energy usage and maintenance costs, making public facilities less expensive to operate, which tax payers will appreciate.
No IR and UV light produced, so public officials and other workers will stay healthier, feel more comfortable, and are more productive.
Mercury-free OPTILED LED lighting makes government buildings more environmentally friendly and modernizes a city or town's image.

From hospitals to schools, exhibition halls to city halls and libraries, OPTILED LED lighting is the best way to bring any public facility into the 21st century.