Light Engine has awarded “The 2nd China TOP10 LED Enterprise International Competitive Election”


“The 2nd China TOP10 LED Enterprise International Competitive Election”, which is organized by the LED International Cooperation Alliance (LICA), sub-organized by the union of the Guangdong Light Emitting Diode Industry Association and the Guangdong Solid State Lighting Industry Innovation Center., has been held on June 8th, 2016 through the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition.  Further to the success of the previous session hold in last year, it has been widely spread to the industries, and has got more attention and recognition.

Facing the different strictly procedures with consistently upholding the justice, the equity, and the transparency through months: the event briefing, the event declaration, the 1st stage of deliberation, the documents verification, the appraisal of subcontractor, and more. Based on the results of the Organizing Committee, the experts (from the authority organization of industries, the chief of the related industries, and the ones from the Technology Research Institute, who has been dedicated in LED development in the long-term), and the public reaching to 300,000 who has voted for the event, to choose the TOP10 industry.

At this event, the Business Development Director of Light Engine, Mr. Dong Bin, has joined the conference, “2016 LED Review”, and shared his view of three topics to the attendees:

1) Envisage on the competitiveness of LED industry

2) How to breakthrough the LED international market?

3) Direction for the innovative development of the LED Industry commercialization in China.

At last, Light Engine has awarded the “China TOP10 LED Enterprise International Competitive”in this event.