OPNOVA Gallery A Revolution in Aquatic Lighting



Hong Kong, 14 Jan 2014 Optiled, a leading International LED Lighting brand has launched a breakthrough in aquatic lighting display recently and their new OPNOVA Gallery will be opened to public at the end of this month.


The gallery is Asia’s first comprehensive display of aquatic lighting and aims to promote a sophisticated new aquatic lighting culture with innovative LED lighting products that may be completely new to many aquatic enthusiasts. The displays include different layouts of aquatic plants by international contest winners and a comparison zone of aquatic lighting products, coral displays, a koi fish zone and etc.


Lighting is one of the most crucial elements in successful aquatic planting and only

the most advanced lighting products can provide the necessary lighting spectrum for an entire aquatic ecosystem. Good aquatic lighting products can also help to promote the healthy growth of the aquatic species and reveal their original color pigments in the most vibrant and outstanding manner. 


OPNOVA lighting products use LED RGB color mixing technology, which provides a similar light spectrum to mother nature and provides a unique light with strong penetration to deeper levels. Coupled with the unique design of an inbuilt diffuser to expand the light distribution, this allows different aquatic species to absorb optimal levels of light.


About Opnova and OPTILED


OPNOVA was first introduced by OPTILED, a world leader in LED lighting technology for more than ten years. Dedicated exclusively to the production of LED lighting, Optiled produces eco-friendly lighting solutions that reduce electricity and operational costs and increase productivity for users as well as helping to reduce the carbon footprint around the globe.


Optiled’s LED lighting applications range from public infrastructure facilities to commercial offices, retail, industrial, residential, and hospitality outlets to outdoor lighting. Optiled provides the most versatile, best-in-class and cost-effective LED lighting products available in the market. To learn more please visit http://opnova.optiled.com/ or http://www.optiled.com