Unleash the true brightness of Ito Yokodo by using the Optiled LED lighting products


Hong Kong, 20 January 2014 – Leading LED lighting brand Optiled has installed around 40,000 LED tubes in the 160 department stores of Ito Yokado, a Fortune 500 corporations and the largest retail corporation in Japan.


In Japan, Ito Yokado owns 183 department stores and started using Optiled LED tubes in June 2012. Mr Murakami, who is responsible for Property Facilities Management at Ito Yokado said, “Electricity costs rise every year and we are trying our best to find the ways to reduce our power usage. LED lighting products helped us to cut our electricity consumption by around 40% without sacrificing lighting quality. LED lighting provided our employees as well with ideal levels of brightness without causing eye strain. LED lighting tubes also have longer lifespans than traditional fluorescent tubes and generate less heat which has helped us to reduce air-conditioning costs”.


Mr Murakami also told us why he had chosen Optiled products. He said, “We were very impressed by the product development team at Optiled as they provided us with LED lighting solutions quickly and professionally. The product quality is high and this convinced us to work with them”.