1. I don't understand some of the technical terms in the product specifications - where can I find out what they mean?
Ans: Please visit the Product Knowledge page to clear up any questions you have about the technical terms used in describing LED lighting.

2. Are all OPTILED products dimmable?
Ans: Good question - no, not all of our products support dimming. It's important not to install non-dimmable LED lighting in dimmable fixtures, as it will shorten the life of the product.

3. Why should I use LED lighting instead of traditional bulbs?
Ans: There are a few significant reasons: you'll reduce your energy usage by a lot, the bulbs last much longer so you won't be replacing them as often, and unlike fluorescent tube and CCFL lighting, LED lights contain no mercury, so they're much safer and more environmentally friendly, too.

4. How do OPTILED LED lamps differ from other manufacturer's LED products?
Ans: The biggest advantages OPTILED offers is our extensive experience (ten years and counting), global sales network, and a three-year , a guarantee few if any other manufacturers are willing to offer.

5. Before I replace a traditional lamp or light fixture with OPTILED's LED products, is there anything I need to know about performing the installation?
Ans: Since all OPTILED bulbs are designed based on IEC standards, the size and lamp base are the same as traditional bulbs currently on the market. Also, for our LED light fixtures, installation is no different than installing a traditional fixture.

6. I'm going to replace a halogen MR16 with an OPTILED MR16. Will I need to replace the driver as well?
Ans: The OPTILED MR16 is compatible with all traditional MR16 12V magnetic transformers, but you may experience flickering issues if you're installing the OPTILED MR16 in an MR16 12V electronic transformer. This occurs because the OPTILED MR16 consumes an extremely low level of power, but most traditional halogen electronic transformers are designed with a minimum loading capability of 20W. For best results, we highly recommend using an OPTILED driver to avoid compatibility issues.

7. What is the color correlated temperature (CCT) tolerance for OPTILED products?
Ans: As the CCT tolerance varies from product to product, you can find this information on the individual specifications pages of each product.