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LED T8 grow light is with outstanding Photosynthetic Photon Efficacy (PPE) up to 2.4 μmol/J in full spectrum white light not only mimic natural sunlight, offering wavelengths plants need to thrive in all stage of growing cycle, but also enhance the energy cost saving. Its high uniformity of light distribution optimize the lighting to every single crop.

LED T8 grow light connect to line voltage, eliminating fluorescent ballast system failures & maintenance cost, its low operating temperature allows lamps to be placed closer to plants for optimal.

Optional accessory: IP65 rating lamp stand

Vertical Farm
LED Solution
Optimal spectrum for
all stages of growing cycle

Product Features

Single-Ended Power & Ballast Bypass

Single-ended power, direct wire ballast bypass, eliminate ballast & maintenance cost

Low Operating Temperature

Low operating temperature prevents leaf burn and crop damage, and enabling closer distance with plants for optimal effect

Full Spectrum White Light

Full spectrum white light optimizes vegetation, budding and flowering

Mimic natural sunlight

Offering wavelength plants need to thrive in all stage of growing cycle

Passive Cooling Design

With passive cooling design without moving parts, easy to install and more reliable


Able to preform for long time

Energy Efficiency

Optimal Spectrum

High Quality

Full Spectrum White

Product Specification

Luminous Intensity Distribution Diagram



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