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The latest integrated Toplighting linear is with slim profile which reduces shadow on plants, together with its efficacy up to 3.3 µmol/J and wireless dimming function offering farmers to adjust the light level based on the natural light situation, as well as electricity cost fluctuation, making it as a perfect solution for greenhouse supplemental lighting. 


Wireless dimming receiver allows reliable connection; especially without the need of specific control cables, eliminating the potential wiring errors.

Reliable and Convenient
Lighting Installation
Efficient and Hassle-Free
Lighting Solution

Slim Profile

Integrated power supply and linear design, reducing shadow on plants, ideal for greenhouse supplemental lighting

Energy-Saving Dimmability

Dimmability allows farmers to adjust supplemental light levels, based on varying natural light intensity and fluctuating electricity costs, in order to save the unnecessary energy and electricity costs.

Light Uniformity

Toplighting linear design provides horizontal light uniformity, ensuring uniform growth for every plant

Wireless Control

Wireless dimming solution allows to control up to 100 lighting devices, saving errors from wiring connections

Passive Cooling Design

With passive cooling design without moving parts, easy to install and more reliable

Easy Setup & Expansion

Simplified wireless dimming setup with zone configuration and adjustments, can be easily performed and expanded via using iOS or Android devices

Product Features

Slim Profile


Wireless Control

High Quality

Luminous Intensity Distribution Diagram



Product Specification

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